Sustainable & ethical sourcing…. Shared value….responsible growth!


We, at HI (Health Ingredients Ceylon (Pvt) Limited) announcing the introduction of sustainable & ethical sourcing program for SHARED VALUE which will have a lasting & positive impact on thousands of individual farmers and their families in the areas of agriculture & production practices, health & nutrition and education.

We have begun setting up of farmer networks in some of the most rural but rich in its bio-diversity areas in Sri Lanka for growing tropical fruits such as Pineapple, Passion Fruit and Watermelon and also super foods such as Moringa. Through a guaranteed purchase / price mechanism, we envisage to get much needed premiums passed on to the rural farmer communities which is the bottom of the pyramid, directly without going through multiple layers of middlemen. Further, direct collection network assures freshness and quality of raw material for our natural ingredients and strengthens the fabric of local economy.

This program is HI’s contribution to preserving the biodiversity & environment, safeguarding resources for the future generations and stimulating the well being of rural communities from which we source raw material.

By embedding social & environmental purpose in the way we source, we can best respond to our customers’ evolving needs and the increasingly stringent demands of consumers for more sustainable, healthier and differentiated products.

Our website will carry real-life examples of how HI is bringing sustainable & ethical sourcing practices to life.


We invite you to join us in this mission!