• Sustainable & ethical sourcing…. Shared value….responsible growth!

    3We, at HI (Health Ingredients Ceylon (Pvt) Limited) announcing the introduction of sustainable & ethical sourcing program for SHARED VALUE which will have a lasting & positive impact on thousands of individual farmers and their families in the areas of agriculture & production practices, health & nutrition and education. Read more
  • Are you sure the Cinnamon in your hand is true Ceylon Cinnamon?

    mainCeylon Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylinicum) is a legendary spice that is enveloped in myth, mystique and excitement. This amazing and intriguing spice goes back thousands of years, as early as 2000 BC when it was prevalently used as an aromatizing agent. It is widely believed that the Arabs were mainly responsible for the Cinnamon trade, who preserved its monopoly until the European explorers set out to discover Cinnamon for themselves. Read more