As a triple-bottom-line social enterprise, Health Ingredients Ceylon monitors and reports not only on profits, but also on our impact on people and the planet. Our objectives are the basis of our social and environmental impact monitoring system.

  • Provide customers with pure and healthy natural ingredients at an affordable price.
  • Use available excess raw material from Sri Lanka’s tea, spices, fruits sectors to produce high quality natural ingredients.
  • Contribute to Sri Lanka’s economic development by adding and retaining value in the country of origin.
  • Offer premium pricing to rural producers that supply raw materials.
  • Create rural employment and human resource development opportunities.
  • Reduce energy use and carbon emissions through green technology processes and minimizing transport of bulk raw materials.
  • Meet financial targets for organizational growth and sustainability.
  • Conduct continuous R&D to develop new products from Sri Lankan raw materials and increase revenue from value-added natural products.
  • Conduct continuous R&D to increase efficiency and transition towards (1) zero waste processing and packaging systems and (2) carbon neutral production and distribution systems.
  • Develop a line of products that is Fair Trade Certified and Organic Certified.